Beautiful Lough Carra

03rd July 2011
Lough Carra is one my favourite places in County Mayo. It is set in an area of Karst landscape which is more commonly associated with the Burren in County Clare. The alkaline soils produce an astounding variety of plant and insect life, including most of the orchids we have in Ireland. These were my 'best 5' shots taken on a recent photo-shoot with my photo-buddy John. We were a little early for the orchids I think, so I will have to return over the next couple of weeks.

This courtship proved unsuccessful - she was not in the mood. They are Transparent Burnet Moths. Burnets are unusual because they come out by day and not, as is more usual with moths, by night.

Although very little of this shot is in focus, I do rather like it. I have since learnt, from the very expert Chris Huxley, that this grass is known as Briza or 'Quaking Grass' on account of how it moves in the slightest breeze. Wikipedia tells me it has a number of other wonderful names such as: Cow-quake, Didder, Dithering-grass, Dodder-grass, Doddering Dillies, Doddle-grass, Earthquakes, Jiggle-joggles, Jockey-grass, Lady's-hair, Maidenhair-grass, Pearl Grass, Quakers, Quakers-and-shakers, Shaking-grass, Tottergrass and Wag-wantons. Great eh?

'Idle Flows' is the name of the boat in the foreground; which is a pretty awful pun.

This seed head had broken and fallen over which gave me an easy opportunity for an underneath shot

And finally, near Moore Hall I spotted the reflection of this boat pulled up on the lakeshore:

Hope you like them!


Photo comment By Monica Flanagan: No 1 made me giggle. Poor boy! No 2 is wonderful. I was drawn to it immediately No 3 I found very annoying because I made nothing of that particular boat the last day I was out there with David and John. Loved your treatment of this. No 4 is so full of detail with that lovely DOF - impressive and No 5 is a super b and w. Such detail again! Wish I'd been there. Your photographs tell a very fine tale of an evening out. M

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