Custom Card Service

I offer a bespoke, customised card service to groups and organisations. You can order cards made by me specifically for you and your members,clients,customers,staff etc. These could be as a promotion or fund raiser - providing an opportunity for people to buy cards from you and thereby help contribute to what you do. The cards could also be used as a thank-you to valued customers (e.g. at Christmas).

Here is how it works:

You choose the images you want - these can be from anywhere on the site.

You provide me with the promotional information you would like printed on the back of the card, this can include text, graphics and photographs.

There is a minimum order of 50 cards, but I offer volume discounts from the prices quoted on the site.

The cards will then be printed to your specification.

Each card and its envelope will come wrapped in a clear polypocket folder that makes the card look its very best.

Remember, every card represents an opportunity for you to promote what you do so that everyone who sees the card gets to know about you.

As with all my cards, 10% of the cost you pay goes to Barnardos children's charity.

If you are interested in enquiring further about this service, please contact me HERE for more details.